The Lady Challenge Rules

The Lady Challenge starts Monday … Login in now for your meal plan and shopping List x

The Lady Challenge Rules
If you’re like me when you look at the meal plan and shopping list you will go Holy Moly how am I going to be able to make all these meals when I’m so busy as it is!

Relax – The purpose of the meal plan is to give you lots of different healthy food options to choose from. So go through and choose the meals you think you will like and have the time to prepare and then you can have these for the whole week.

Our expert dieticians have selected certain meals for you on certain days depending on the style of training you are doing that day so my advice is to try and stick with the plan the best you can and pick similar foods – for example, stir-fry chicken stir fry night, don’t make pizza! If it’s fish burger night and you don’t like fish you can swap it for a piece of steak or chicken.

We understand some of you will be intolerant to certain foods, or simply don’t like foods on the meal plan and that’s ok! The meals are designed to be flexible to teach you about food but making it fit into your busy lifestyle LONG TERM.

Swap out any meals you want and you will still get a terrific result.

To help most of the dinners are for 4 people as all these meals your whole family can enjoy so if you don’t want to make them for the whole family you can either freeze up the extras, use them for tomorrows leftovers, or divide the ingredients in 4. As you can imagine some of you want to cook for the whole family, some of you are single, some hate seafood, some love seafood – the list goes on and on! so we have tried to make it as flexible as humanly possible.

Snacks – look through and pick a few you like and have them with you at all times – I rarely leave home without a bag of nuts, a Lady Shake ready to add water and a couple of apples. Easy and when I’m hungry I don’t have to go hunting for fast food or think about it.

DRINKS – The Do’s and Don’ts
I always get asked plenty of questions about what can I drink on The Lady Challenge. Coffee is great – max 4 a day if you stick with homemade ones or treat yourself to one cappuccino. The key with coffee is to not add all the add-ins like syrups, heaps of sugar etc.

Another big no-no is orange juice (or any fruit juices for that matter), iced teas etc as these are just full of sugar. Did you know OJ can have up to 8 teaspoons of sugar in it and the recommended daily intake is only 6 teaspoons for the entire day!

Soft drinks – please avoid but the odd sugar-free one won’t kill you so don’t stress out too much. Obviously, water is the key and I usually get a lemon or lime and squeeze through or if I’m really desperate for a bit of taste I’ll add a bit of no sugar cordial.

When you look at week 1 shopping list there’s a lot of things on there. This is the big week because we are buying a lot of things to last you for the entire challenge – frozen berries, sauces etc that we will be buying as a one-off but using every week.
I’m big on cooking up a heap of food on the weekend when I have more time and freezing for the week – especially the stir fry and pork pies etc so feel free to make more than the recommended serve if you want and freeze up for week 2 of The Lady Challenge…

I’ll be sending you through other emails on things I recommend for women on the run – subway do’s and don’t etc so look out for these.

If you’re a shift worker you will usually find that you tend to eat for a lot more hours then is recommended. As a general rule try to keep your window of eating limited to 12 hours a day (10 hours preferably) as our body is not designed to eat for long periods of the day so it stores the extra meals as fat. For example if your first meal is at 6pm your last meal should be no later 6am. Have the biggest meal when you are going to be most active and have a snack or The Lady Shake before bed. The key is to not go to bed on a full stomach!
There is plenty of more info to come so keep looking out for my emails – any questions please email my team at

I’m really excited that you have decided to join us on an exciting 30 Day journey to better health. As you know The Lady Challenge is a new program under our Man Challenge banner. We have an amazing team of women here to assist you 24/7 so any questions please email us HERE.

Also look out as there will be heaps of emails coming to you with hints and tips … and of course inspiration!
See you Monday!

Founder & Mentor
Belinda MacDougall

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