Mhairi loses a massive 10cm from her waist during the challenge!

Hi My name is Mhairi Grentell and I completed the September 2018 Challenge

I have chronic progressive rheumatoid arthritis. Exercise and combating the weight gain from my medication as well as constant fatigue have to be some of the biggest challenges in my life. I joined The Lady Challenge to help reduce stress on my joints which in turn would lead to me to be able to do more around our farm.

I lost 3kg and a massive 10cm from my waist during the challenge. I still have a way to go but it has made me feel better both physically and emotionally. The food is great and simple especially for those of us who are time poor. I could even do most of the exercises though some I had to modify slightly. I still tried everything at least once. Already signed up for the next Challenge to keep me on the right path.

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