No fad diets, counting calories, starving yourself or weird and tasteless foods. We know it can be overwhelming with so many diets and so-called experts telling you what not to eat. Mel and her expert team, including Accredited Dietician Alicia Edge and award-winning chef Antonio Ruggerino, will show you what to eat and even how to cook it yourself. All our meals taste great and are simple and easy to prepare.

Most ladies think exercise is the most important factor in losing weight but weight loss starts in the kitchen, not the gym. Remember, no matter how much you exercise you can't out train a bad diet.


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Real food. No calorie counting

Still enjoy your favourite foods

On The Lady Challenge you will still get to enjoy your favourite foods with no calorie counting. Our menu includes yummy healthy foods the whole family can enjoy.

Keeping it simple

Our food focus is on taste and health. We incorporate simple recipes with few ingredients - recipes easy enough that even the kids can get involved. 

No thinking required

We will show you what to eat and when to eat it and thanks to our Lady Chef, Antonio Ruggerino, you will soon know how to cook up a storm.

Recipes on your mobile

Easy to follow recipes on your mobile or tablet along with healthy eating and cooking tips. 

Nutritionist seal of approval

All the recipes have been thoroughly analysed and approved by Accredited Dietician Alicia Edge who will be on hand to teach you about healthy eating.

No starving yourself

Your body needs fuel to burn. We'll show you the right food to pair with our workouts that'll make you feel healthier and more energetic.

A snapshot of the lady meals